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Pest Control - Wasps

Pest Control Specialists are experienced in both Domestic and Commercial Wasp control. We cover Napier, Hastings, Taradale, Waipukurau, Dannevirke, Palmerston North and all of Hawkes Bay and Manawatu. If you need help or advice just give us a call on 0800 737 872.

Pest Control Wasps

Wasps in New Zealand:

There are many species of wasps in New Zealand ...

Yellow Jacket Wasp:

My Home: I am aggressive and build paper nests in logs, on the sides of buildings or in trees. I am a social insect and live in colonies. Sometimes the nest populations can number in the thousands.

What I eat: I will eat other insects, but also am attracted to sweet smells as in garbage cans or will hover over your picnic table during the summer.

What I look like: My body is yellow and black striped and I have two transparent wings. My stinger is located at the end of my abdomen.

How I am born: I go through four stages of development: egg, larva, pupa and adult. The queen yellow jacket wasp can lay thousands of eggs. My egg is laid in an individual cell within the paper type nest. The workers in the colony take care of my egg until I hatch. The new queens hibernate over the winter and each spring builds a new colony. My average life span from egg to adult is one season.

"Pest Control Specialists are experienced in both Domestic and Commercial Wasp control."

Did You Know?

Yellow Jacket Wasps can sting repeatedly and are aggressive!

Did You Know?

Wasps have a built in alarm and if attacked or killed will release a smell that alerts other wasps that come to help.

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